June 02, 2015

it's tuesday.

Sorry about the abandonment yesterday, Blogland. I opened at work yesterday and came home to take a nap and then slept until 7 o' clock this morning (#oops). 

Happy June! We have 121 days until we're married. I have to go to Appleton tomorrow to meet with a photographer. I'm ordering my wedding dress next week (yes, I finally picked one!). Still don't know if we're having a reception. Still have no concrete guest list. But we're getting there...

In other non-wedding related news, I'm mad at Mother Nature. Mostly because it's the beginning of June and I still have to wear a sweater and pants. Normally this time of year it's all dresses, all the time (unless I'm going to work). Can't wait for it to really start warming up around here again. 

Today I have errands to run and photos to print and a summer mini book that needs some stuff in it. Can't wait to share!

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