April 12, 2016

inspiration, come on down

I follow a lot of amazing artists. I am fortunate enough to even be friends with some of them. And these artist friends of mine? They share a lot of awesome and inspiring things on Facebook. (Which is awesome because then I don't see as many minion posts & recipes nobody is ever going to make.)

The other day, this post was made by someone who I have been following since I was heavily active on flickr in 2009. 

I couldn't hit like and share fast enough. 

I love art. I love other people who love art. I don't necessarily need to succeed in art at this point in my life where I've made it just a hobby, but I love every single point Joel made here. Especially, "Laugh and cry and be angry about it and then scoop up those pieces and make something from it."

That's always been my motivation to make. The emotions. All of those complex, messy and wonderful feelings get to be made into something tangible through art. And then I get to hang that art in my house. Or give it to friends. Or try to sell it so other people can enjoy it. And when that doesn't work, you give it away. Give away your feelings so that other people can experience them too. 

That's what life is all about, isn't it?

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