April 03, 2017

blink and it's gone.

March always feels like a call to action. A call to get up and go. 

And yet it feels like I blinked and POOF! March is gone. March was a painful month this year. An anxiety filled month from the get go that has left me in a bottomless depression pit as we segue into April. 

It already April 3. 11 days until my twenty-fifth birthday. This time of year always leaves me feeling soft and raw and vulnerable. The change of seasons always does this to me. As I scroll through Instagram and see my friends and people I follow from all over the world have buds on their trees, my inner brat cries, "Noooo fair! I want SPRING TOOOOOOOO!!" 

But, y'know, a little bit of sunshine would be nice. And some greenery. As much as I love pretty sunsets against silhouetted trees, I miss leaves. And grass. And flowers. 

C'mon, Mother Nature, would some sunshine and a little bit of spring be such a bad birthday present?

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