April 06, 2017

happy birthday!


Yesterday was the blog's SIXTH birthday! Hands down, starting this blog was the best decision I ever made. What started as a place to store rolls of film, client shoots, and memories I didn't want to lose has transformed into a place where I have discovered how to love myself and all of my insecurities and idiosyncrasies. 

I have gone from a single woman living at her parent's house after dropping out of college to now—almost a week away from 25, living on my own, with my long term partner of 4.5 years and our two adorable fur babies. I have come to know myself better by writing and photographing and sharing in this space. I have come to find my voice as a writer by using this little text box as my sounding board. This blog has become a sort of therapist for me (except I'm not shelling out an arm & a leg & half of my firstborn's soul to pay for it!). 

Thankful today for little things. For growth. And change. And the real power of transformation. Happy birthday little blog. Thank you for being the tool to help me know myself the best. I love you. 

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