April 27, 2017


Aka I left feeling very confident that I did a good job trying to explain who I am as a person to a stranger I've never met before, and hopefully that's enough for their team to decide to hire me. 

When he asked me if I had any questions today, I asked, "What's the dynamic like between coworkers here?" 

He looked at me and said, "Y'know, I've never been asked that before. That's a great question." And took some time to think about it before answering. 

Taking time to think. It's such an important step that people always overlook. 

AND... I sold my dad's Monte today. To his best friend's sister that lives a couple towns away from us. I know that her and her husband will take care of it and love it just like dad did. (And I can still drive it any time I want!) We met up for a late lunch after my interview and it was really nice to catch up and celebrate a little.

To new beginnings and letting go. 

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