April 27, 2017

to combat interview nerves...

I'm making lists when I should be sleeping. 

  • Went to good will with Cristin this morning
  • Had every intention of just going to get a shirt for my interview tmrw...
  • ...walked out with FOUR shirts & a wooden cactus
  • Went across the parking lot to Shopko for a new pair of black pants + black flats
  • Couldn't resist the flowers in the parking lot
  • The Chicagoans came in tonight for dinner just to wish me luck tomorrow :')
  • (As much as I hate my job and how much stress it causes me, I LOVE MY REGULARS SO MUCH)
  • I got to work with all my favorite people tonight!
  • And I got to come home to the one I love
  • (And our fur babies)
I am so blessed. Goodnight. 

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