May 07, 2017

dear spring (a love letter)


Oh, Spring, every year I wait so longingly for you and each year you never fail to make me blissfully happy. The pink trees are enough to instantly make my day better. 




Yesterday, after the "first Saturday of coupons" breakfast from hell, you were my solace found in pink petals and 2pm sunlight. My happy place, familiar like my morning cup of coffee, or kissing Justin on the forehead every night before bed. 


Today you were my quiet time. Taking half an hour to run around beneath a spanse of four different blooming trees with my phone attached to my hand taking picture after picture after picture. To illustrate just how much I love you. 

I cherish these first weeks of May, because I know soon all of the magic will be replaced by healthy green leaves as summer swings in. But, Spring, please let me be selfish and ask you to stay. Keep your pink petals around for as long as you can. 


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