May 02, 2017

may 2

Today was one of the good ones. 

It was a selfies BEFORE coffee kinda morning. Decided I need a haircut. Played with the cats with their favorite dangly toys—Mew's is the squeaky mouse that only squeaks when it wants to; The Kitten's is the feather contraption. 

We took a walk out in the backyard because Justin wanted to show me the deer fence he built around Booky's tree. I took pictures while he moved branches here and there.

The tree inspired me though—when we came back inside, I started doodling trees on the back of an old envelope. Broke out my markers and colored pencils and drew something from scratch since I think art school... 6 years ago. Glued it in my 25 book

Dealt with the IRS in the unending saga that is my father's taxes when a letter came that I had to sign for. After me wanting to tear my hair out from being on hold for 45 minutes, but getting things documented and taken care of, Justin suggested we watch Naruto

(I'm always thankful for when he knows I need to take a break better than myself.)

At 7, I made my way to DG for necessities. (Snacks, cat food, Benadryl—y'know.) Tuesday's are Deadliest Catch night and we were low on supplies. I picked up birthday cards for my May friends and Mother's Day cards for my mom and Tammy. Stopped at work on my way home for a mint chocolate chip shake because my sweet tooth is out of control. 

Made it home in time for Deadliest Catch. Snuggled with Justin on the couch while the cats snuggled with each other in the chair. Realized I have to work at 7 tomorrow and inwardly groaned. Showered at 9:30. Danced to "Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl" in the bathroom.

Trying to decompress and trick myself into being tired enough to go to bed. Snuggles from the Mew cat help. So do the ones from Justin.

Little victories. I didn't even change out of my pj's today—only threw a bra on to go to the store and THAT'S OKAY. Sometimes you just need a lazy, chill day to not worry about anything for a little bit. (And because I got my dad's tax stuff sort of figured out, I still feel like I was productive today!) All in all, it really is the little things that count. 

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