June 28, 2017

lessons in self care

I have been in a fog all day. I woke up this morning with an anxious ball in my stomach and a sadness that overwhelmed my heart. I finished a load of laundry I started last night. I took a shower this morning because I was too tired to shower last night. I laid back down in bed and honestly called into work because I just couldn't do it today.
A three hour nap can do wonders for your mood. (But ask me again how I feel about in a few hours when I 100% cannot sleep.) I also picked up a shift tomorrow to justify me calling in today. I just needed a mental health day. A day where I don't have to do anything but listen to myself and take care of my own needs.

Today has been a lesson in just that. The majority of the day that I have not spent sleeping has been spent cuddling with the Mew cat. Her little warm body and the sound of her purring as she snuggles into my chest is one of the best forms of therapy. 
I made myself leave the house today. Going outside is at least a little victory when days like today rear their ugly heads. I went to Dollar General and Pick N Save because we needed essentials. Stopped at Shopko to pick up Justin's glasses but the optical part was closed, so I said, "Eh... While I'm here, might as well stop for the flowers."

Picture taking makes my soul happy. Flowers make my soul happy. Good light makes my soul happy. The lesson for today is: DO MORE OF WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY, DAMN IT.

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