July 27, 2017

good morning indeed

Thursday. My day off. I slept in this morning, made fresh coffee, and smiled when I walked outside to see the sunlight making shadows on the side of the garage. I sat in the grass by the hydrangeas in the side yard, sipping my coffee and taking pictures of the sunlight through the trees above me. I wandered into the front yard and saw the sun dappling shadows on the house. Magic. 

I got a phone call "just to say hi" from my best friend shortly after I came inside from my morning stroll around the yard. We ended up being on the phone for over two hours. I love it when that happens: short, just checking in calls turn into long catch up conversations like you don't live two and a half hours away from each other and haven't lived in the same town for the last four years. Connections like that you never let go of. I'm so grateful to have invested in the relationships with the people I had growing up. No one knows me better than my high school best friends, and there's no way I'd trade that for anything.

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