February 27, 2017

live in the light

  1. soul meets body, death cab
  2. i'll follow the sun, the beatles 
  3. do-re-mi (from The Sound of Music), julie andrews 
  4. sunshine on my shoulders, carly rae jepson 
  5. i was made for sunny days, the weepies 
  6. here comes the sun, the beatles 
  7. california dreamin', the mamas & the papas
  8. you picked me, a fine frenzy
  9. super trooper, camera obscura 

February 17, 2017

she collected details.

Yesterday, I captioned my #annalovesmornings picture as, "Today seems like a good day to have a GOOD DAY." And so from the get go, I was determined to make my day off a good one. 

Sporadically, yesterday & today, I have collected details. Details, the small stuff, are my favorite.


Details are always the good stuff. Color. Pattern. Light. Texture. It's what's inspiring me lately. 

February 14, 2017

valentine's day

Justin and I aren't really Valentine's Day people. So we treated today like any other Tuesday. I had to close tonight, but when I went to the grocery store today I for sure wore my heart shaped sunglasses. And I bought myself this bear, because it's cute and snugly and makes me smile. 

Happy Valentine's Day. 

February 09, 2017

an actual conversation:

J: *grabs pudding off of shelf in grocery store*
A: ...Babe, $20 on pudding?
J: Shut up, I was just gonna say that. 
A: Great minds think alike, babe. 

And as a bonus, I made him take a picture with me in the parking lot. Love. 

February 08, 2017

i have flowers on the brain.

The flower wall at Dollar General is my favorite thing this time of year. The sun was out today, but it felt like -3* when I left work tonight. I'm at the point where I'm beyond sick of winter and totally ready for spring. (Definitely makes me miss Savannah!) 40 days until spring!

February 07, 2017

day off.

did not leave the house today. 
reheated coffee that Tammy made this morning. 
watched Yu Yu Hakusho with Justin. 
washed my work clothes & blankets. 
listened to Britney Spears. 
watched That 70's Show
changed the litter box. 
made out a grocery list for tmrw. 
ate a soft pretzel with cheese sauce. 
now typing this post. 
gonna go color & make my bed. 

back to work tmrw. 

February 01, 2017

it's britney, bitch

  1. gimme more - britney spears 
  2. ...baby one more time - britney spears 
  3. stronger - britney spears 
  4. lucky - britney spears  
  5. overprotected - britney spears 
  6. everytime - britney spears 
  7. toxic - britney spears 
  8. my perogative - britney spears 
  9. piece of me - britney spears 
  10. womanizer - britney spears 
aka... i watched britney: for the record (2008) & am rediscovering my love for her.