February 26, 2013

silver white winter

{ hat ~ old navy ; scarf ~ jc penney ; sweater ~ walmart ;
shirt ~ walmart ; jeans ~ old navy ; boots ~ kmart }

hi. it's snowing! (for what i can only hope will be for the last time this year)
"my favourite things" from the sound of music was playing in my head, and it still is, as i was shooting these.

it was nice to frolic around in the snow for a little bit. :) happy tuesday!

February 23, 2013

dressy casual

{ cardigan ~ old navy ; shirt ~ jcpenney ; jeans ~ old navy ;
boots ~ thrifted ; necklace ~ target }

quick ootd. i bought this shirt last and a new pair of pants last night, and i got my necklace this week from a target order. i've had this cardigan since... forever. and i found out that these boots are older than i am! my mom has had them since before she met my dad in 1986. i love clothes with a history.

noelle & i are hanging out tonight. happy weekend!

February 17, 2013

see green, see blue

{ sweater ~ thrifted ; shirt ~ thrifted ; jeans ~ old navy ;
belt ~ ruche ; boots ~ mom's closet }

last night i spent a good portion of the my internet time looking for plus sized fashion blogs, online window shopping, and pinning everything i liked on pinterest.

this sweater has been my go-to sweater lately... it's comfy, cozy, perfect for lazy days, but also looks good with just about anything. i can't get enough of this colour lately. and these boots... when my mom cleaned out her closet a few months ago, i snagged these boots up. they need new laces and they're about a half size too big, but that never stops me from wearing them.

{ eyes ~ rimmel waterproof gel eyeliner, covergirl lashexact mascara ;
lips ~ mary kay signature lipstick in crimson }

my goal for today was to DIY something, but i think an outfit post is good enough.
happy sunday!

February 16, 2013

emily borkowski

my first shoot of 2013! emily and i have known each other since high school, and we try to shoot together at least once a year. you might recognize her from my little red riding hood shoot i did a few years ago.

check out some more pictures on my facebook page!

February 14, 2013

be mine

{ cardigan ~ thrifted ; shirt ~ old navy ; skirt ~ thrifted ; oxfords ~ ruche }

happy valentine's day everyone! i hope everyone had a wonderful day filled with love and giggles and general merriment. i'm sad i can't be with my boyfriend today, but i know this will make the next time we see each other even more special. :)

{ nails ~ inp nail lacquer in brown velvet,
maybelline long wearing nail colour in fresh lilac cream }

{ necklaces ~ thrifted / boyfriend ; belt ~ ruche }

{ eyes ~ naked palette & cinderella palette
lips ~ MAC's party parrot }

party parrot is my go-to lipstick right now; i'm so happy i snagged it up before it sold out.
everyone have a splendiferous night with your loved ones! i'm about to go help my mom with dinner. :)

February 08, 2013

arctic in argyle

{ hat ~ old navy ; cardigan ~ thrifted ; v-neck ~ old navy ; 
jeans ~ old navy ;  boots ~ kmart }

last night we got 7 inches of snow! everything looks so pretty, but driving to and from work last night was absolute chaos. good news: i only almost got into one accident, and i only spun out twice. my poor car doesn't do well in the snow.

i picked up this cardigan when i was thrifting with bryce last weekend. i have always wanted an argyle sweater, so this was pretty much love at first sight for me.

{ eyes ~ naked palette }
{ virgin, sin, buck, smog, darkhorse, creep }

i know, two ootd posts in a week! but now i guess this makes up for me missing a week.
readers who have been dealing with mass amounts of snow, stay safe!

February 04, 2013

snow berries

last night i revamped my blog! i hope you guys like it. :)

hat ~ old navy ; shirt ~ thrifted ; cardigan ~ thrifted ;
jeans ~ walmart ; boots ~ lane bryant }

saturday bryce & i went thrifting and i picked up this gray t-shirt for $3, originally from target for $15.

{ necklace ~ thrifted ; rings ~ thrifted }

that green necklace was $2, the rings were $.50! i love finding awesome pieces when i thrift shop.

 no makeup!

last night we got a few inches of snow... i think they're calling for about 5-7 inches total this week! my boots and socks and feet were soaked to the bone by the time i got back in my car after taking these. i got my taxes done today, and now i'm going to curl up with some hot cocoa and the scarlet letter on my kindle.

February 03, 2013

Disney Cinderella Collection, Storylook Eyeshadow Palette

Back in September, I purchased this palette from Sephora and have only just recently fallen very much in love with it. It is unfortunately sold out at Sephora, but I'm very happy I snagged this up when I did.

As much as I love these eyeshadows, I hate the packaging. It's a pain pulling the velvet box out of the protective Cinderella cover, and while I understand the ease of being able to pull the eyeshadows from the velvet box, it makes me weary about it because I'm a klutz and tend to drop things a lot. From the name of the product, I was hoping this would open more like a book.

All of the eyeshadows in this palette, however, are wonderful. They blend really nicely, they compliment each other and I find myself using them with all the other eyeshadows in my collection. 

Maiden, All Aglow, Destined, Cinderelly, Pumpkin
Ball Gown, Kill Joy, Fairy Godmother, Glass Slipper, Royal
Gus Gus, Charming, Chateau, Palace, Drizella
Cinders, Jaq, Midnight, A Wish, Rococo

A quick look I've been wearing a lot lately using this palette:
Colours used: Maiden, Palace, Chateau, Kill Joy, Rococo, Ball Gown

I just love my Cinderella palette.
Outfit of the Week coming soon!