February 08, 2013

arctic in argyle

{ hat ~ old navy ; cardigan ~ thrifted ; v-neck ~ old navy ; 
jeans ~ old navy ;  boots ~ kmart }

last night we got 7 inches of snow! everything looks so pretty, but driving to and from work last night was absolute chaos. good news: i only almost got into one accident, and i only spun out twice. my poor car doesn't do well in the snow.

i picked up this cardigan when i was thrifting with bryce last weekend. i have always wanted an argyle sweater, so this was pretty much love at first sight for me.

{ eyes ~ naked palette }
{ virgin, sin, buck, smog, darkhorse, creep }

i know, two ootd posts in a week! but now i guess this makes up for me missing a week.
readers who have been dealing with mass amounts of snow, stay safe!

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