January 09, 2018

new year, new me, new glasses

We're officially a little over a week into 2018... Did you guys set any New Year's resolutions? I know everyone on Facebook is on their "New year, New me!" spout that will come to a grinding halt once everyone realizes how much discipline it takes to actually achieve the goal of bettering their lives. Goal setting is a process that is slow and quiet and often comes disguised as a lot of hard work.

My goals for this year are to start tackling my debt and to get over my fear of doctor's offices and actually use the insurance that I am paying an exorbitant amount of money for each month. The good news is that my new insurance covers a new eye exam! I had a horrible experience driving to Burlington for Christmas because I couldn't see any of the lines on the road at night, and it terrified me. So 2018... New year, new me, new glasses.

Warby Parker's new Spring Collection drops today. Looking through this line for the first time gave me a very Clueless meets 10 Things I Hate About You vibe, a clash of the late '90s teen movie queens. I typically tend to lean toward bolder, more eye-catching frame choices when picking out my glasses, but this collection seems like a nice change of pace for what's sure to be a new season in my life.

One of the cool things about Warby Parker as a company is that when you buy a pair of glasses from them, they partner with non-profit organizations like VisionSpring to provide a pair of glasses to someone in need. One billion people across the globe cannot afford or do not have access to proper eyewear. That means that 15% of the population cannot effectively learn or work. Warby Parker is doing its part to change that.

Warby Parker offers a free try-on at home service where you pick 5 pairs and get 5 days to try them out and figure out which ones you like best. If you are overwhelmed by decision making, they offer the option to take a quiz that helps you figure out your face shape and color tastes and suggests frames for you based on your results. It's completely free, and there's no obligation to buy—just send the glasses back with their provided return shipping label and buy the real thing online. All eyeglasses start at $95, including prescription lenses, and there's always free shipping and returns.

Below are the frames I'm jazzed about from their new collection.

  1. Bell frames - Neutral is the name of the game for a chill Saturday vibe. Pair these coffee colored frames with a cozy gray sweater, olive green joggers, and your favorite pair of worn-in sneakers to be comfortable and productive as you work out what you want from the new year.
  2. Nora frames - Look at you go! Someone earned that promotion at work and matched these rose gold glasses to their "New Year, New Me" confidence level. Add a power pantsuit, a statement necklace, and your most comfortable heels, and you've got yourself a Girl Boss moment waiting to happen.
  3. Vaughan frames - Did someone say Casual Friday? These blue rims bring out your true colors, and you're not afraid to be bold. Channel your inner elementary school art teacher with a red dress, yellow sweater, and navy tights to achieve your primary colored dreams.
  4. Hyde frames - These fun two-toned specs scream Date Night! Put on your dancing boots and a delicate blush dress under your warmest caramel-colored coat to hit the town in style with your spouse, and check off your January date night on your goal tracker. 
  5. Millie frames - Gear up for a cozy night in with these simple, clear glasses. Throw on your favorite sweatpants, an old t-shirt, and settle in with the book that you swear is actually going to get you back into reading on a regular basis again. 1 book a month isn't that hard to tackle, right?
Happy glasses shopping!

*Post concept & all opinions are my own.

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