February 15, 2018

seeing stars

Dress: c/o eShakti, Cardigan: Thrifted, Leggings & Boots: Shopko

I've been in a funk lately. One of those do not pass go, do not collect $200, go straight to bed and wake up every day feeling more exhausted than the day before. An email from eShakti popped in my inbox one morning, and who doesn't like retail therapy when they're feeling crappy? This star print called out to my tender heart, in rememberance of six-year-old me who wanted to be an astronaut when she grew up.

eShakti has been on my radar since I first started fashion blogging in 2013. I was always intrigued by their fun prints and bright colored dresses, but the price point always stopped me from pulling the trigger when I was in my early twenties and pinching pennies. Right now, eShakti is offering $25 off your first order AND free shipping for new customers!

This dress makes me smile every time I put it on. eShakti allows you to customize nearly everything on their clothes, from length to sleeves to the neckline. I customized the neckline from a jewel neck to a V-neck, but kept the above the knee length and elbow length sleeves. The belt is removable, and honestly I might just do away with it the next time I wear this dress, but it'll be a nice addition to my collection. 

I was super pleased with their awesome customer service staff who assisted me when trying to figure out which size to order. I ended up going down a size from what I normally wear because I've been losing weight, and this dress feels a little tight in the chest right now, but that might change as I continue my weight loss journey.

I also have my eye on this skirtthis shirt, and this dress for when I need to buy clothes again. ;)

AND IT HAS POCKETS! You have to option to remove them when you order, but why?

Find eShakti and learn more about them on their website, Facbook, Pinterest, and (my personal fav) Instagram.

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  1. Beautiful Anna!! Congrats on your weight loss, I know that's a process, but it's so much fun rocking the new threads!! I'm a sucker for cute dresses myself, and have not heard of this line, but you just made me want to check it out!! Good Job!! Lol ��❤️