March 11, 2013

california day 2: yosemite

day two started out with bottled starbucks and ended with my first in-n-out experience (and probably my last; i wasn't very impressed)... and squashed in the middle was yosemite!

california has such pretty roads. they're curvy and twisty and hilly and beautiful.
we stopped at a few various vista points along the way to take pictures.


lake don pedro & "the rim of the world" vista

for breakfast, we stopped at PJ's cafe in groveland on the way to yosemite. amy got bacon & eggs, i got french toast, and then we got back on the road.

my ears hurt so much as we drove up through the mountains into the park. the roads were curvy and flanked by trees and as we got deeper into the park, the temperature dropped enough for there to still be snow on the ground. it reminded me of home.

half dome & el capitan.

i couldn't resist taking pictures of the cute stuff in the gift shop. and i got a sweatshirt from yosemite.

we had to stop and see yosemite falls, and the trails to the viewing areas were so pretty.

our last stop of the day was bridalveil falls. it was downpouring by then, so i only had time to take a couple of very quick selfies.

the sun decided to come out on our way home so we stopped and took pictures of the scenery.

yosemite was such a beautiful park, and it was also my reason for coming to california in the first place. my friend amy wanted a picture to hang above her couch, so hopefully she has quite a few options from these.

i'm back to having two jobs again and i'm still working out my schedules, but i'll get back to ootd's and stuff soon!

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