April 19, 2014

life lately

1. The best Monday mornings promise coffee, chocolate chip waffles, and a good book.
2. Camped out on the couch, a lazy day at its finest.
3. I love cool bumper stickers. (seen on a car at work)
4. Spring snowfall
5. #brbchasinglight
6. #emojisinthewild
7. 'Merica.
8. I may not be able to cook much, but damn I make awesome pancakes.
9. Open windows, blue skies, and Tuesday is my Friday this week. #goodthings
10. Shoutout to my flickr friends because I hung Christmas lights in my room last night & am drinking out of my lens mug today. I'm so grateful for every single person I have met through photography and flickr most of all.
11. Birthday nails
12. Rain, rain, go away, we want the sun to come out & play
13. I had a little bit of fun at Shopko
14. Bye split ends!
15. Start of a gallery wall // keep calm & snap on print from photojojo, vintage kodak ad justin won off eBay as a birthday present, You are my Sunshine from Shopko, wooden ampersand from Elise Joy's #make29 adventure
16. Breakfast for dinner, birthday style

Some Instagram snapshots from the past month or so. Spring is here and all is well, but my allergies are kicking my butt so it's time to go lay on the couch and watch more Breaking Bad (and maybe a little My So-Called Life). Have a happy Easter tomorrow!

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