April 24, 2014

currently, april edition

drinking arnold palmers like there's no tomorrow

loving long walks in the sunshine

sketching some hopeful print designs for the gallery wall

battling spring allergies

watching the magic school bus on netflix... it's my guilty pleasure when i'm sick!

eating lots & lots of grilled cheese

searching for a desk... and bookshelves... and a dresser...

reading 14,000 things to be happy about by barbara ann kipfer

wondering about passion vs. mundane

craving java chip from adrian's

listening to a lot of throwback music from early high school

discovering the world of podcasts thanks to elise & her new podcast elise gets crafty

week 17

This collage is weird and this week was weird. Allergies are kicking my butt and I've been lying in bed watching cartoons on Netflix and eating grilled cheese & tomato soup like it's my job. I do love the combination of the Christmas lights and the crystals though... They both make for pretty sweet light parties.

17/52 :)

April 19, 2014

life lately

1. The best Monday mornings promise coffee, chocolate chip waffles, and a good book.
2. Camped out on the couch, a lazy day at its finest.
3. I love cool bumper stickers. (seen on a car at work)
4. Spring snowfall
5. #brbchasinglight
6. #emojisinthewild
7. 'Merica.
8. I may not be able to cook much, but damn I make awesome pancakes.
9. Open windows, blue skies, and Tuesday is my Friday this week. #goodthings
10. Shoutout to my flickr friends because I hung Christmas lights in my room last night & am drinking out of my lens mug today. I'm so grateful for every single person I have met through photography and flickr most of all.
11. Birthday nails
12. Rain, rain, go away, we want the sun to come out & play
13. I had a little bit of fun at Shopko
14. Bye split ends!
15. Start of a gallery wall // keep calm & snap on print from photojojo, vintage kodak ad justin won off eBay as a birthday present, You are my Sunshine from Shopko, wooden ampersand from Elise Joy's #make29 adventure
16. Breakfast for dinner, birthday style

Some Instagram snapshots from the past month or so. Spring is here and all is well, but my allergies are kicking my butt so it's time to go lay on the couch and watch more Breaking Bad (and maybe a little My So-Called Life). Have a happy Easter tomorrow!

April 13, 2014

channeling my inner angela chase

Dress & Vest & Necklace: Thrifted, Leggings: Walmart, Socks: Justin, Boots: Mom
Dear Angela, 
I know in the past I've caused you pain and I'm sorry. And I'll always be sorry 'till the day I die. And I hate this pen I'm holding because I should be holding you. I hate this paper under my hand because it isn't you. I even hate this letter because it's not the whole truth. Because the whole truth is so much more than a letter can even say. If you want to hate me, go ahead. If you want to burn this letter, do it. You could burn the whole world down; you could tell me to go to hell. I'd go, if you wanted me to. And I'd send you a letter from there. 
Sincerely, Jordan Catalano
My So-Called Life is a TV show from 1994 that rocked my world in the early 2000's. It only ran for one season, gaining a title as a cult classic. Claire Danes, Jared Leto, AJ Langer, Wilson Cruz & Devon Gummersall graced my TV every night and I fell in love.

I was in sixth grade the first time I ever heard the name Jordan Catalano. I wanted to be Angela Chase, I wanted to have friends like Rayanne and Ricky. I doodled Jordan Catalano's initials all over my notebooks. I started dyeing my hair red so I could be Angela. I danced around my room to "Blister in the Sun" just like Angela does in 1x17. When they moved My So-Called Life out of the primetime slots, I used to wake up at 4AM just to watch it. I was obsessed.

So now I'm channeling my inner Angela. I dyed my hair a fresh shade of Crimson Glow (and it's all one colour again! Hooray!), put on my '90s dress & my mom's boots and pranced around in the muddy park for half an hour. Definitely not a bad way to spend my last day being 21.

Week 16/52!

April 10, 2014

growing pains

22 years ago, I was still safely enclosed inside my mother. Little did anyone suspect, my arrival into the world was a surprise at best. I came barreling into the world at 100 miles per hour and fought like hell for my right to claim space here in the world. I came into this world a fighter, hooked up to machines and wires and always setting off my bells and whistles because I wanted to breathe on my own. I have a scar as a reminder that I staked my claim, when I was rushed into heart surgery at a week old. I was born at 27 weeks. I was 2 pounds, 13 3/4 inches long, and my dad could hold me in the palm of his hand. On Monday, I officially turn 22. Birthdays have been a sore spot with me since 18. My heart clams up, refusing to grow and take in another year. "Growing Pains" is a series about vulnerability, about me coaxing another year around my heart that feels too big for my chest. This series will ultimately grow with me, documenting the years ahead as I age and grow into myself.

For now, this is me at 21 years, 360 days, 10 hours & 39 minutes old.
I am vulnerable. I am growing, still growing, always growing, into the person I am meant to become.

April 09, 2014

prom 2014

Justin's little sister went to prom last weekend, and I took some photos for them. See the rest on Facebook!
Week 14/52