August 17, 2015

burn out

This past week has been the longest week of my life. Between an emergency trip home, Justin having a severe mouth infection and having to go to the ER, and me working my tail off at work covering shifts, I AM TIRED. This all feels not unlike summer 2012 where I turned into a crazy person and worked at Adrian's M-F and the portrait studio Thursday nights & weekends (so basically I was working 24-7) for 6 months straight. 

Case in point: I am tired. It feels like I am running on fumes. I haven't been very active on the blog this month, and for that I'm sorry Blogland, but real life just keeps doing its thing and moving at lightening speed whether I want it to or not. 

The other day K. Haupt suggested on Twitter everyone take a break for the rest of August. 

And then this morning, HB. rocked my Monday Morning inbox with the announcement that she is also taking a break. 

So maybe this is just a cosmic sign to just law low for a bit. Go to work work when I need to, but just slow it down and take a breather. So for the rest of August, I'm not going to feel obligated to publish a blog post every day and then beat myself up for it when I don't. I'm not going to feel obligated to work on my summer book when I don't want to, or iron out wedding details when I don't want to. 

I'm predicting the next two weeks will involve some knitting, some reading, and a lot of R&R. I'll see you in September, Blogland. 

August 13, 2015

gma gma

It's been a very long 24 hours. I love my grandma. I love my family. The next few months are going to be tough for sure, but somehow we will get through them. 

August 10, 2015

magic monday

Monday again. Today I'm pretty damn thankful for progress, because I have 9 more rows to knit before I'm done with this grey section on my blanket. I'm thankful for closeness, because Justin and I started writing letters to each other again. I'm thankful for change, because I dyed my hair bright red again so that maybe it'll be a little toned down for the wedding. I'm thankful for grace, because it teaches me so much. And I'm thankful for Hannah Brencher, for sending this quote to my inbox this morning: "Don’t avoid being messy and human. Don’t put a filter on everything and claim you’re okay when you’re not. No one is gonna fault you if you don’t sieze Monday. Or Tuesday. Or Wednesday. You take on the amount of weight you can and ask friends to surround you and help carry the rest. Grace is like sunscreen-- you have to apply it regularly and sometimes you need someone to help you with the hard to reach places."

Today, I'm happy that I get to start all over. Happy Monday friends. 

August 07, 2015


It's grey and rainy outside and there's absolutely nothing I'd rather be doing right now before I have to work tonight. Happy Friday!

August 05, 2015

always stop for flowers

Ran into Shopko real quick to get yarn and almost walked out with a $5 bunch of half dead sunflowers. (I still might go back and grab them.) Happy Wednesday!

August 03, 2015

magic monday

Wedding stuff has more or less taken over my brain at this point. 59 days y'all!