November 05, 2011

365 days: a year later

my 365 has been over for a year. it's so weird for me to think about... that a year ago i was in savannah, in my freshman year of art school, and prepping for my first set of college finals. i feel like i'm almost an entirely different person now than i was a year ago. i dropped out of college, got a job doing something i love, and i feel a lot better about myself than i did at this time last year.

day 1. i started this project on a whim.

days 4 & 5. for some reason these two seem to be my most popular photos in the creative commons.

day 34. i got my wisdom teeth out & spent the entire week re-reading high on arrival instead of cry, the beloved country for AP english.

day 57. the first 365 photo i took with my canon xsi. :)

day 60, one of the more memorable days of my 365. jared & i were on the phone until 4:30 AM and i had to get up at 5:30 to get ready for school. my coffee maker broke and i survived on apples all day.

day 103. the day that my acceptance letter to SCAD came in the mail.

day 137. one of the first (if not the first) days that i actually tried for this project.

day 172. the first photo taken with my 50mm f/1.8

day 183. my first explored photo on flickr.

day 184. my first successful scanner photo.

day 218. high school graduation!

day 224. this one hit explore at #20, and is still my most popular flickr photo.

day 229. one of my favourites from this project.

day 247. the day i got back from my florida trip and had to drive through a hail storm to pick up my film.

day 259. my 50mm f/1.4 came in the mail, and this is a series idea that i never revisited.

day 265. this is my absolute favourite photo from this entire project.

day 272. the beginning of my scrabble scan series.

day 299. girl's night, one of the most memorable nights of this project.

day 308. my first night in savannah.

day 319. the day that i realized how much i missed home.

day 322. the first day i actually tried in savannah.

day 331. another one of my favourites.

day 336. i can't believe my hair was this short. it took 11 bobby pins to keep it all up and out of my face.

day 348. i was so completely uninspired, but this is one of my favourites from my project.

day 352. i started to experiment more with different overlays.

day 363. i walked down to river street and i was so afraid i was going to get run over taking pictures with these cobblestones.

day 364. i was terrified of not feeling like i was doing my project justice, and then i realized that i did this project for me and no one else.

day 365. i was more focused on having a good day than on taking good photos, and although i wasn't happy with this at the time, looking back i realize i actually love this photo.

i loved my 365, and i wouldn't trade it for anything. i'm considering starting another one in 2012. this project really helped me to get out of my comfort zone and to grow with my photography.
xo, anna

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  1. These are really great! I want to do a 365 but i'm not sure whether i'd stick with it. x hivenn