April 24, 2017

peaks & valleys

Peaks and valleys is all life is ever made of. Everything ebbs and flows and we are always constantly trying to obtain equilibrium, and every time we are always knocked on our asses because some obstacle always stands in our way. Whether something comes up at home or at work or at school, something will always be obstructing that "so close you can smell it" view of happiness that society and the media have planted in our heads. 

Life is always "in progress." If it wasn't and everything went exactly the way we wanted them to, day in and day out, things would get a little bit boring.

The best example I can think of for this is art. Creative inspiration ebbs and flows like waves lapping against the shoreline. Making breeds making, but sometimes your energy shifts and then you're just in an ebb. Your inspiration will always come back. You will always find your flow again. 

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