September 19, 2017

oh yes, morning is my favorite time of day

September 18, 2017

always stop for flowers

September 16, 2017

saturday pep talk

It doesn't matter that yesterday you didn't put on real clothes or leave the house at all. It doesn't matter that work was less than ideal the night before last. It doesn't matter that two people quit tonight. Let the bad stuff go. Today is your fresh start. Today is your Day One, if you need it to be. 

September 12, 2017

find the joy

Today is the first time that I have been in front of my own camera since 2014. All at once, the feelings of anticipation and nervous excitement from trying to get that perfect shot for my first 365 came rushing back. I texted my best friend after I got home and said, "I have missed taking pictures so much. I feel like I'm seventeen again, and I think I'm going to spend the rest of my life chasing after this feeling. (And the good light!)"

I spent a solid hour and a half in the woods taking pictures tonight. The familiar act of pulling my tripod out of its bag and fumbling for my remote came right back to me like three years haven't passed since I last got in front of the camera. Joy filled my heart as I swooned over the sun and danced in the clearing. Don't forget what this feels like again, I thought. Hold onto this joy and never stop.

Find your joy and then keep doing it forever. I think that's what life is really all about.

September 08, 2017

good things

I thrive on sunshine, dance parties, art therapy, coffee, and laughter. Happy Friday!