October 17, 2017

lunch break

October 16, 2017

magic monday

Forever in love with... 
  • backlighting my photos
  • shadows and sun flares
  • that first sip of coffee every morning
  • my coffee cups
  • mornings

October 06, 2017


I haven't been sleeping. Which either means that I'm about to get a fantastic idea or something bad is about to happen to someone close to me. I'm hoping so hard for the first because the world already has too many bad things in it. This entire week has felt like living in a fog of negativity and bad attitudes... Not really the ideal way to spend vacation, but I'm trying to make the best of it. I found two cute outfits at Good Will today and scored a cute pair of boots at Shopko tonight. Aside from accidentally leaving my lights on at Subway, today was a Friday to celebrate.

October 03, 2017

today is a day for celebrating

Today my man turns 31! We're celebrating by leaving the cats with Justin's parents and staying in Weston until Thursday, when Justin gets his teeth pulled. I'm so looking forward to a few lazy days in a strange city with my love, and then we get to come home and figure out what our new normal is going to look like after Justin gets done healing. Love!

October 02, 2017

magic monday

Gary lived on the Murphy Farm when I was growing up. Most of my childhood weekends were spent in the kitchen of that farmhouse, in the garage with my dad working on cars with his friends, and later in the little apartment my dad rented that was attached to Gary’s garage. My dad used the spare garage in the building right behind the little house.

The barns were all open, light and airy and had telltale signs of old age. All of the old farming trails out to the fields became our 4-wheeler trails, and when they ended we paved our own. The back farm field though, was my very favorite. Every year as a kid, I could hardly wait for the magic that October brought with it. 

That field sprouted pumpkins the size of my small seven year old body. Every year I had to tug on my mom and dad’s hand, begging them to hurry up so I could show them what surely was the best pumpkin for my Jack-o’-Lantern this year. The dirty knees of my pants still linger in my memory from inspecting each pumpkin. The magic of October is never going to be lost on me.